Francis Amoah

Francis Amoah

"My compositions often put you in a silent and reflective mood. They create a sense of curiosity about the entire picture in the observer's mind. I try to catch the movement and flow of life that is happening around me all the time.

My name is Francis Amoah and I was born in the early 1980s in Accra, where I received my basic education. After senior secondary school I went to Art College where I opted for painting and graphic design. My styles vary because of my approach to a particular theme, but my areas of interest are basically centered on women, Ghanaian lifestyle, people and places, townscapes, market and boat and beach scenes, etc.

The image and composition of my work talks about the indigenous, traditional and contemporary Ghanaian way of life. My compositions often put you in a silent and reflective mood. They create a sense of curiosity about the entire picture in the observer's mind.

I realize that color is for me a strong emotional tool of expression. As such I love to use warm, bright and rich colors. I use them to portray life in its common aspects. Whatever I paint is a social commentary of the things that I see and experience in my day to day interactions with nature, local people and the sounds that I hear in both tranquil and hectic locations within my native country, Ghana, West Africa.

My paintings have found their way to private homes and business in Europe, America and Africa. There seems to be no limit to where my art can be enjoyed and displayed with satisfaction, pride and happiness. It is a good feeling for me, to know that I am bringing this level of warmth and good feeling throughout the world simply by using the talents and skills that God has given to me.

I believe that art has come a long way in Africa. And know that Art to me means creation. It is my life-blood and I display my thoughts and aspirations in this way. I have held a number of group and solo exhibitions, in Ghana and Europe. In 2007 UNICEF selected some of my paintings to be part of their greeting cards collection. I open my heart and mind to you, through my brush strokes and the use of color in the most vibrant form, with depth and with feeling."

Gabriel A.A.K. Eklou

Gabriel Eklou

This talented and passionate African artist has kept a steady pace since 1996, exhibiting three or four times a year. His art can be found in corporate and private collections in Ghana, West Africa, Togo, Germany, England, Denmark, Belgium, the USA, Japan and Canada (see details).


"This is my history. I spent my childhood with my two elder brothers and four sisters. I am the sixth child of my mother and father. I can still remember when I was a very small boy, about five or six years old, I used to draw in the sand or on my mothers door with charcoal. I cried for my mother to take me to school every time I saw boys and girls of my age going. Then one Monday morning I was sent to school by my father on his bicycle to the next village to our's.

Some years later, after primary school, my elder brother came from the city to take me to go and continue my studies in Lome, the capital of Togo. I was admitted to college, completed and graduated in general studies. Later I completed advance studies in Accounting. I returned to Ghana and later found work in the travel industry. I finally worked with an Art Gallery where I discovered the real value of the talent God has given me. Because I was sitting in a Gallery I didn't have time to paint. For that reason I was having pressure on me by my clients who have seen my paintings and postcards before and they wanted to see them again, and also deep down in my heart, I was not happy because I had left my brushes and colours. So I stopped work, and went back to my studio and started painting again.

To take you back, in primary school I started selling my postcards to pupils who could afford them. My brushes and colours have been my sponsors right from primary school to where I am today. In my school, I was in charge of all the drawings on the blackboard. I was always encouraged by my teachers to go to develop my art in an Art School. I remember I was told by my science teacher one day that I did not need to attend an Art School because I was born an Artist and had art in my blood. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I did not go to Art School. An American painter encouraged me and also helped to show and sell my work in the American Embassy. I have also shown my work at the French Culture Center; Foyer des Marin in Togo - 1985-1990, at the Canadian High Commission and American Club in Accra, Ghana."

Gabriel A.A.K. Eklou (August 11, 1998)


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Clement Laryea (C-KLE)

Clement Laryea

Clement Laryea known as C-kle is a Ghanaian artist born on the 15th June 1982 in Accra. He graduated as a Visual Art student who studied theoretical aspect of art. He then continued by learning fine art and sculpture designing through apprenticeship for five years. C-kle has a passion for painting, through which he discovered a different style of art called Abstract which is from his imagination. In 2009, C-kle started selling some of these paintings to galleries such as Accra Art Centre, African Market gallery, and the Loom gallery all in Accra.

GOOD IN: Semi-abstract, Portrait, Abstract, Sculpture Designing, etc.
MEDIUM: Acrylics, Oil & Charcoal on Canvas.
AIM: To let the world know that if it can be done, then we can do it.
VISION: To exhibit his modern African art around the world.

Alfred Mensah (OSA)

Alfred Mensah

"It is my hope that, through my art, you feel joy, satisfaction and fulfillment.

My friends say I'm a friendly person, willing to assist others to the best of my ability.

I was born on May 4 in Accra. At the tender age of four, I started exhibiting signs of a natural talent in drawing. My father noticed this and, during vacations, he sent me to an informal artist in the neighborhood to observe and learn from him. I'd carry along my colored pencils and notebook. The artist, whom I called Joe, would hand me a picture to try to create the same image. When I finished, he'd take the time to make the necessary corrections with me. These vacation artist visits became a norm throughout my basic educational level. I opted to study visual art in senior high school. I also had the opportunity - again during vacations - to learn other forms of art with an Afro media company that worked with billboards, posters, banners, etc. My passion for art increased over time as these influences stirred my inner tenacity to specialize in painting. I emerged with the scorching light of maturity in painting through self-taught effort and inspiration.

In the year 2000, I went into painting full time. I used to paint vegetables and fruits on card stock to sell to schools. I introduced the canvas works along side. Over time, I have been able to live from my art. My favorite part of my work is the final result. This is because when I start a painting, I have the concept - for instance a seaside scene or market - but I do not know the composition. I keep changing the composition until I finally produce a unique work of art. In art circles, I am known as Klan Mensa and this is how I sign my paintings. I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, using a palette knife. My works are characterized by rich color, which emphasizes all the important compositional values such as forms, proportion, color graduation and perspective.

My compositions put you in a state of silent contemplation and also create a sense of curiosity about the entire picture. My inspirations are basically centered on people and places, such as the daily activities of people at work, or cityscapes, market scenes, festivals and more. I am also inspired by the potent dynamic men and women in the environment in which l live, because people like this show care, courage and selfless dedication to hard work in their realms of life. With the investment of this personality, I believe my paintings have contributed immensely in promoting Ghana's manifold rich cultural heritage to different countries.

"It is my hope that, through my art, you feel joy, satisfaction and fulfillment."



Born on 13th March, 1980 in OSU, a town in Accra, Nayha popularly called, is establishing himself as a contemporary African artist of the generation that has emerged in the wake of the influence of entrepreneurship in Ghana. Growing up along the shores of Ghana, a town called LA, Nayha still holds memories of having come up the hard way, through to his high school and pursuing further his art skills at one of Ghana’s renowned art colleges, Ghanatta College of Arts & Design. Currently, Nayha owns his own art gallery on the shores of Ghana, where he grew. "I come to terms with my past, and I see the future from these winds that blow against me whenever I come into my elements of making a wonderful piece for a client" he reckons. Education to this artist in this part of the world is of prime concern, thus he enrolled himself in a diploma course in Entrepreneurship, at Open University of West Africa, in 2012, where he met a dedicated team of young entrepreneurs. He concludes "I am blessed to have been part of the success of and Open University of West Africa; the world can now see that Africa has a good story to tell and I was a pioneer in telling that story, my story".

Sonny Owusu

My name is Osei Sonny Owusu popularly know as "Sonny". I was born on 22nd July 1983 in Suhum a town situated in the Eastern Region. I am the son of Mr. and Mrs. Owusu. I am maternally and paternally and Akan from Kwahu (Eastern Region).

I have received formal education up to tertiary standard (HND) precisely. I grew up in the eastern region but later had to move to Accra to stay with my parents. At a very later age, I began my busy painting career. According to parents, I began to draw even before I could walk and talk as an infant child. Charcoal was my favorite drawing medium and with it I drew across an entire big compound, lines, dot, shapes, tentures, forms and strokes which are the basic necessities in drawing.

This drawing behavior made me gain much recognition, respect and popularity among my peers at that time in the dim-part. Sonny, the grown up is now strongly matured in his lines, dots, shapes and strokes, with the aid of painting knifes peculiar and authentic images are executed. I paint mainly in condensed acrylic with painting knife. My ideal time for rendition is at night while all are asleep. My paintings are usually characterized by rich colors, textures, lines and planes which tend to suggest movement in the images, I explore a lot with colours and that has made me a prolific painter and a merchant of art works. Themes of my works are usually people in a group performing a task especially women. My ideology about women is not erotic but to portray their peculiarities and their elegance. In the way they carry themselves. Each and every one of them is unique on her own.

And that creates a very sharp distinction between them. Courageous, bravery and aggressive as they are, is a signal that could be read all over in their articulation and activities on the market.

They speak with their every movement of the body which could be called body language. To me, women are stylish and a natural piece of sculpture God made. My images and compositions often portray indigenous Ghanaian ways of life. Inspirational aspect of my career is derived from the word of God and also observer's comments.


Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I have been unable to confirm the artist whose beautiful work is shown. I thank and acknowledge you, whoever you are!

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