Welcome to my site, Ghana on Canvas.

My love for art began in the early years of college and then reinforced when I traveled to Europe. I pursued this great passion at University and graduated with a BA in Art History.

I have always had a strong urgency to bring a sense of love, desire, mystery and reality to an individual through the medium of art.

Ghana on Canvas is a showcase for Ghanaian art. It is a broad collection of paintings bought by my father starting in 1994. This collection began at first to help support the local artists in their endeavors, but very quickly became a great passion for him and then for me. Together we have over 100 great works mainly by these extremely talented individuals: Gabriel A.A.K. Eklou, Sammy Owusu, Alfred Mensah (OSA), Nayha, and Clement Laryea (C-KLE).

Ghana on Canvas showcases the essence of African spirit through the subject of the mundane. These artists, through the medium of acrylic or watercolor portray the light and cheerful impressionism of their subjects. A portion of sales from Ghana on Canvas will go directly back to the artist in which you have bought from, thus continuing the circle of support for these striving artists.


Catherine Rosen

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"Mid-Day Work" by Sonny Owusu
Acrylic on canvas, 2 ft 2 (W) x 2 ft 8 (H) - CAD$400